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Harry "Superstore" Star America Ferrara, From Homeless To Hairdresser, What Is This? (HD, TV-PG) America Ferrera, star of the comedy series "Superstore"; a former homeless hairdresser dedicates one day of the month to give makeovers to homeless women.
Mike & Molly Mike Goes to the Opera (HD, TV-14) Mike unexpectedly falls ill during a night out at the opera with Molly; Mike's mom and Molly clash over who can take better care of a sickly Mike.
Two and a Half Men A Kosher Slaughterhouse out in Fontana (TV-14) Charlie and Alan begrudgingly agree to throw Evelyn a party; Berta convinces the brothers to hire her sister for the catering, and sibling rivalry ensues.
Daily Mail TV (HD)
Daily Mail TV (HD)

Charlie's Angels Dirty Business (TV-14) The Angels investigate a pornographic film studio that makes movies for the wealthy and blackmails them to invest in the company.
Mama's Family Fran's Dress (TV-PG) Mama accidentally burns Fran's new dress while ironing it for her, and she quickly tries to replace the dress with Ellen's help before Fran finds out.
The Jeffersons George Won't Talk (TV-G) George is invited to speak in front of young adolescents at a local college, however he soon discovers that the school's location is in Harlem.
M*A*S*H Mail Call Three (TV-PG) The arrival of mail following a long delay brings good and bad news from home, including a love letter, a divorce request and a couple's announcement.
M*A*S*H Temporary Duty (TV-PG) Capt. Roy Dupree is temporarily assigned to the 4077 in exchange for Hawkeye and everyone fears that the change may become permanent.
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